To the faithful people of congregations in transition


Why use a search framework designed around hospitality?

The search for a new minister is worthy of all the focus and resources the church can allot. Yet the potential positives of a search team’s work extend beyond the calling of one clergyperson. A ministerial search can:

  • deepen the spiritual maturity of the search team members, with spillover into the congregation as a whole,
  • strengthen the church's relationships with its denominational partners and geographical context,
  • set the minister up for a fast start, and
  • bless the many candidates who come into contact with the search team, preparing them to infuse health into the churches they will eventually serve.

A framework of hospitality enables a search team to hit all of these marks. The search approach detailed on this website is designed to help a search team welcome the voices of the Holy Spirit, one another, the congregation, the larger community, and candidates for the ministry position.

May God bless you – and bless through you – during this season of opportunity.



Get the backstory on the search approach, find out what the framework includes, and learn key terms.

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