Are you looking for ministerial search resources?

Maybe you're a congregational or search team leader. Maybe you're a judicatory leader who is supporting a church in its search process. Maybe you're an interim minister tasked with training the search team in the congregation you're serving. Whatever your role is in the search for a new minister, welcome to Searching for the Called. On this website you will find a framework and tools - rooted in the biblical mandate of hospitality - to help search teams manage anxiety and find a great-fit pastor. 

Searching for the Called is a comprehensive search process that can be customized to individual churches. It equips search teams to identify and engage effectively with candidates with whom they can envision fruitful ministry. It also enables search teams to avoid clergy-congregation mismatches that lead to conflict, heartache, inward focus, and the expense associated with a minister's quick departure.

If this description speaks to your needs, please read on. When you're ready, you are encouraged to consider the many ways Searching for the Called can help with your search process.


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Get the backstory on the search approach, find out what the framework includes, and learn key terms.

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Delve into the search stages, from waiting on the right time to start to setting the minister up for a fast start.

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Go straight to the list of additional resources created for each stage of the search framework.

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