Does your search team need assistance with its process?

There is no charge to download, print, and use the Searching for the Called materials. If you need additional guidance to apply Searching to the Called in your congregation, the following options are available. (Here are some good reasons for utilizing these resources.)


30-minute phone consult

Click here to schedule a free phone call to talk about how Searching for the Called can aid in your ministerial search.


Introductory webinar

This free, 1-hour webinar offered via the Zoom platform is open to all interested parties. The webinar will highlight challenges and opportunities during the search for a great-fit minister, show how Searching for the Called addresses both, and leave ample space for participants to ask questions. Click in the calendar below to reserve your webinar space. (If you cannot attend a live webinar, a recorded version is available to view here.)

Note that participants will not need any new hardware or software to utilize the Zoom platform.


Group coaching for search team leaders

Join with other search team leaders as we walk through the designated phase of the search, then open up the conversation for coaching around the opportunities and obstacles each leader is encountering. All sessions will take place from 4:00-5:30 pm eastern.

September 9 - pre-search stages

October 14 - developing the search team

November 4 - designing process and core documents

January 13 - engaging with candidates, part  1

February 10 - engaging with candidates, part 2

March 24 - covenanting with the new minister

This group coaching will take place via the Zoom platform, which only requires an internet connection. The cost is $100 per person per session, or $550 for all six sessions. If multiple members of your search team want to attend, the cost will be $150 per church per session, or $800 for all six sessions. Note that space is limited. Sign up below.

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search team coaching

Guidance throughout the search process will help your search team customize Searching for the Called for and implement it in your congregation. It will also allow your team to make the most of opportunities, overcome challenges, avoid shortcuts, and deal with overwhelm in the search for a great-fit minister. Hour-long calls will take place by phone or online platform at times convenient to the search team. The cost is $2000. Email for more information or to sign up.


Initial search team training

In-person training will resource the search team for its essential work and give the team members confidence in their ability to carry out the search well. Cost will vary depending on the length of training and travel expenses. Email for more information or to sign up.