Essential tasks

  • Learning how to complete the essential tasks of the search. Before the search team can outline the search process, it must know what steps comprise a well-conducted search.
  • Identifying resources (as well as gaps) at the search team’s disposal. What information, funding, technology, skills, physical space, and other helps does the search team have? What does it need but not yet have?
  • Setting the stages and a tentative timeline for the search process. A realistic search outline not only guides the team in its work, it also lets the congregation know that the process is on track.
  • Figuring out how to track candidates and actions. Nothing derails a search – or makes candidates question whether to stay in a search process – faster than disorganization and confusion.
  • Planning for regular updates to congregation and staff (if applicable). Search seasons are highly anxious for congregations and their staffs. Communication is a primary way to quell anxiety and allow people to focus on their ministries.