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From the candidate's perspective

  • Excitement about the opportunity to explore the possibility of ministry in your context, may already be researching housing, schools (if applicable), and professional opportunities for significant other (if applicable).
  • Disappointment if the interview questions focus on areas that do not directly relate to past and potential performance in ministry.
  • Confusion if the candidate senses that the search team is not being up front about the congregation’s gifts and challenges.
  • Anxiety (which could quickly turn into frustration) if the process and timeline beyond the interview are unclear.
  • Discouragement (which could turn into questioning call to ministry) if there is radio silence after interview.
  • Deepening sense of betraying current ministry context as the process progresses.
  • Uncertainty if the candidate is in a later stage of the search with another church. (Stay in that process? End it for what might unfold with your congregation?)