Search team leader tasks and desired qualities

The search team leader manages the search process as a whole. This person:

  • Keeps the team focused on the end and the means
  • Sets the tone for a process rooted in hospitality
  • Leads the way in honesty and trust
  • Invites feedback and imagination
  • Challenges assumptions as needed
  • Makes sure that all the voices are heard
  • Encourages and empowers the team members to carry out the work of the search
  • Ensures that the congregation and judicatory are kept in the loop

Great search team leaders are:

  • Spiritually mature
  • Willing to set aside personal agendas
  • Less anxious
  • Curious
  • Sensitive to the dynamics in the room
  • Secure in themselves yet humble
  • Invested in the congregation and its mission
  • Able to see the big picture