Criteria for discerning “is this God speaking?”

Ask the following questions to test resolutions.

  • Does the resolution we’re sensing line up with what we know to be our purpose?
  • Does the resolution bring us a sense of lasting peace, not just temporary relief?
  • Is the resolution a good way forward or the best way forward?
  • What do we imagine the long-term fruits of this resolution will be?
  • How does the resolution align with what we understand about scripture? About the person of Christ?
  • Is the resolution a loving approach to everyone involved?
  • Will the resolution build a sense of community?
  • Is the resolution we’re sensing persistent, not just a fleeting thought?

[Information summarized from presentation made by Marjorie J. Thompson at Columbia Theological Seminary as part of the class “Growing in Discernment: Attuning Our Spiritual Senses,” November 7-11, 2016.]