Information to report to the congregation during the search

Churches can be anxious places during search processes. While the search team knows that much is happening and progress is being made, those outside the search team do not…unless you tell them!

There are certain kinds of information that must stay within the search team, such as any specifics that would allow people beyond the team to deduce the identity of candidates. That still leaves much that the search team can say, including:

  • Exercises or activities the team has been engaged in. “We’ve been doing ___, and that action advances the search process by...”
  • Milestones. “We’ve just started a new phase of the search.”
  • Goals. “We aim to finish phone interviews by [date].”
  • Numbers. “We have considered ___ number of candidates, made ___ phone calls, and spent ___ hours in meetings.”
  • Ways the judicatory and/or denomination is helping. “Our judicatory leader came on [date] and trained the search team.”
  • Support needed from congregation. “Please pray that…”

Consider how often your congregation needs to hear from the search team to keep constituents appropriately informed and to dial back anxiety. Then utilize as many means as possible to share updates, since learning styles, attendance patterns, and preferred communication means vary.

  • Newsletter
  • Website
  • Social media
  • Oral worship announcements
  • Written worship announcements
  • Visits to small groups/committees
  • Bulletin boards