Site visit considerations: going to the candidate

Visits to a candidate’s ministry setting must be planned and executed with great care. If the candidate’s congregation detects a search team’s presence, the visit can endanger the candidate’s current position. Consider the following questions.

  • What does the search team hope to gain from visiting the candidate in context?
  • How will the search team meet these goals?
  • Are there other options for arriving at these same outcomes?
  • How will the search team compare apples to apples if one of its candidates is not currently serving in a congregational setting?
  • What dates are convenient on the candidate’s end for this visit?
  • What concerns does the candidate have about the search team’s visit? How might those be mitigated?
  • What does the candidate hope to show the search team in the course of the visit? How might the candidate and the search team work together to make that happen?
  • Who specifically from the search team needs to make the visit? How will this person/these people remain unobtrusive?
  • What funds are available to the search team for travel? How might those funds be used most wisely?