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Essential tasks

  • Updating the church’s web presence. Most candidates will look at a church’s website and/or social media before self-referring their profile/resume.
  • Identifying the appropriate pools in which to look for candidates that match your church’s needs. Outlets that appeal to candidates who don’t share your congregation’s lived values will not result in a long list of potential fits.
  • Getting the word out to these candidates. For candidates to consider your position, they must first know about it.
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Reflection questions

  • What does our church’s web presence say about us?
  • What means of getting the word out about our open position align with our congregation’s identity? With the interests of the kinds of candidates we seek?
  • Under what circumstances can/should we consider candidates outside our denomination? How do we reach out to those candidates?
  • What does our pool of candidates tell us about our church? Our search process?
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Best practices

  • Clearly stating essential qualifications and means of applying
  • Disseminating the position description widely
  • Asking people who know your church well to suggest candidates
  • Refraining from approaching candidates who have not applied and who have been at their current call for fewer than three years



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From the candidate's perspective

  • Excitement and curiosity as the candidate mulls the position announcement, begins to research your congregation and community, and sends profile or resume.
  • Confusion if conflicting, outdated, or minimal information is available on the position and your congregation.
  • Inner turmoil if the candidate was not looking for a new position but a recommendation, phone call, or chance encounter prompted consideration of the opportunity.
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Are we ready for the next stage?

  • The congregation has updated its website so that information is accurate, helpful, and interesting.
  • The search team has circulated the position announcement among all relevant outlets and resource people.
  • The search team has communicated with all candidates who have sent materials to acknowledge receipt and inform about next steps and timeline.
  • The search team has shared with the church what it has been doing and how this work benefits the process.

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