Hospitality: the foundation of this search approach

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The search for a new minister is worthy of all the focus and resources the church can allot. Yet the potential positives of a search team’s work extend beyond the calling of one clergyperson. A ministerial search can:

  • deepen the spiritual maturity of the search team members, with spillover into the congregation as a whole,
  • strengthen the church's relationships with its denominational partners and geographical context,
  • bless the many candidates who come into contact with the search team, preparing them to infuse health into the churches they will eventually serve, and
  • set the minister up for a fast start.

A foundation of hospitality enables a search team to hit all of these marks. The search approach detailed on this website is designed to help a search team welcome the voices of the Holy Spirit, one another, the congregation, the larger community, and candidates for the ministry position.

May God bless you – and bless through you – during this season of opportunity.

Essential elements of this search process

This approach is meant to be adaptable, but there are seven key tasks around which this process is constructed. However you use these materials, you are strongly encouraged to spend time on the following.

Exploring congregational identity and mission

Bursting assumptions about the church and its ministerial needs

Building trust within the search team and between the search team and congregation

Grounding the process spiritually

Agreeing on a timeline and a process within the search team

Communicating well with candidates about process, timeline, status, and expectations

Resourcing the new minister for a fast start

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