Search team development


Gathering the open-hearted: selecting search team members

In this phase your congregation commissions a few representatives to bring the whole of the church – its stories, values, hopes, and challenges – into search conversations and considerations. When the right people are in the room, the congregation trusts that the search is being conducted faithfully, the search team members collaborate well, and the candidates are fully welcomed by and informed about the church.

Growing in trust: becoming a search team

In perhaps the most overlooked – yet crucial – phase of the search process, team members deepen their relationships with one another. As a result team members feel comfortable offering and strengthening divergent proposals, know how to help one another bring their best to the work at hand, and come to authentic agreement on essential actions. When the process is complete, the team and the congregation will be able to trust that every effort was made and every idea was put on the table for full consideration.

Creating space for the Spirit to move: grounding the search process in God

For a search team to be led by God in its work, the search process must create space for the Spirit to be heard. In this phase the team crafts a structure for its worshipful work, building in intentional times and means of listening for God’s guidance. The search process then becomes not just functional but also formational for team members, whose new spiritual disciplines and sensitivities spill over into the whole congregation.