Information to include in a congregational profile/community snapshot

Many denominations require churches in ministerial searches to compose a congregational profile. If yours does not, here are some of the essential pieces of information to share with candidates.

  • Overview of your church’s history, including date of charter and milestones
  • Mission and vision statements
  • Theological commitments
  • Signature ministries
  • Nature of relationship with judicatory and denomination(s)
  • Community partners
  • Staff/lay leadership structure (including shape of leadership during this transition time and date of last settled minister’s departure)
  • Average attendance
  • Annual budget total
  • Position description
  • Qualifications sought
  • Salary range and benefits
  • Contact information for search team
  • Contact information for church references (2-4 people who are not members of your congregation but know it well)
  • Physical and web addresses for congregation
  • High-quality photographs of the physical plant and of people engaged in worship, ministry, and fellowship

In addition to learning about your congregation, candidates will want to find out about the surrounding area. When compiling a community snapshot, ask yourselves, “If I were considering a move to a new city or town, what would I like to know?” Here is a starter list of information points.

  • Population and growth trends
  • Average home price, particularly for the neighborhood around the church
  • School information
  • Primary businesses/industries
  • Major annual events
  • Unique aspects of the community and/or what the community is known for
  • State/county rankings (e.g., “this county is ranked 5th out of 67 in the state for…”)
  • Public transportation availability

Make sure all materials sent to candidates are compelling, accurate, clear, informative, and free of grammatical and spelling errors. If you are unsure whether your materials meet these criteria, have an outsider who knows your church well read through them and give feedback.