Why search team coaching?

From the start of my research, I intended to offer the Searching for the Called resources for free. I have confidence in their value and want them to be used as widely as possible. At the same time, I am also a coach who believes in the power of the coaching process to make learning deeper and longer-lasting. Here, then, are the reasons you might want to consider covenanting with me for search team coaching in addition to using the Searching for the Called materials:

When you feel overwhelmed, I will help you prioritize actions. Ministerial searches involve a lot of tasks, and it is normal to feel at times like you aren’t making much headway. I can assist you in creating and sticking to a plan and in noting progress.

When you are tempted to take a shortcut, I will remind you why process matters. Ministerial searches are lengthy, and search teams sometimes want to cut corners. I will keep in front of you the possible consequences of doing so.

When you are overlooking a potential opportunity or challenge, I will help you identify it. Ministerial searches are each unique, so not every situation will be covered by the Searching for the Called materials. I will guide you in thinking through your particular issue.

When you are discouraged, I will help you stay focused. Ministerial searches can go off the rails quickly if there’s an unexpected complication. I will pull you toward the light at the end of the tunnel.

When you are unsure, I will provide guidance. Ministerial searches can be head scratchers sometimes. If you get stuck, I can share some examples of practices that have worked well for other congregations and lead you in thinking about the takeaways for your process.

When you call your great-fit minister, I will celebrate with you. Ministerial searches are hard but good work. Your search team will have impacted the life of your congregation from this time onward. I will remind you that a celebration of a process done well is in order – and I will celebrate your team for all that you have done.

The time between settled ministers is one of many opportunities. Coaching can help you make the most of them. Contact me to get more information about coaching.

Photo by Johannes Plenio on Unsplash.