Welcome to the Searching for the Called blog!

I’m glad that you’re here. In the eight months since Searching for the Called launched, I’ve talked with a number of search teams, judicatory and denominational leaders, and interim and settled ministers about the application of this particular approach and the broader theme of hospitality in ministerial searches. In the course of these conversations, several items of interest have come up that don’t need to be included in the framework and tools themselves but that might be helpful for a broader audience. I have started this blog to share these tidbits. Here is some of what you can expect from regular posts:

Questions and responses that have arisen more than once. If multiple parties thought it worth pursuing a particular query, you might also.

Trends I’m noticing. With two years of (formal) research and almost a year of teaching the Searching for the Called approach, I'm picking up on patterns.

Cultural impacts on the search process. Ministerial searches do not happen in a vacuum. How is the world around us affecting how churches – and candidates – look for that great fit?

Profiles in hospitality. I’m hearing a lot of stories about churches doing a great job welcoming the voices during their searches and integrating their new pastors into congregational life. I’m eager to tell you more about them.

Candidate insight. In a similar vein to the candidate perspective in each Searching for the Called stage, I want to let you know if a minister shares a thought that can help churches search better.

Grab bag of tips. Think of this category as “miscellaneous,” or in terms of position descriptions, “other duties as assigned.”

Do you have a question or topic you’d like to see addressed on the blog? Please drop me a line.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash.