Announcing an online workshop on trust-building

One of the keys to a successful search is taking the time to build trust - within your search team, between the search team and congregation, and between the search team and candidates.

But real trust is different than what we often think it is. It’s not just about being able to guess how others will act or react and planning our words and deeds accordingly. It’s about showing up as our authentic selves and inviting the people around us to do the same. This risk-taking doesn’t happen automatically, even among church members who have known each other a long time. It takes great intentionality.

I will be offering a workshop about building trust on Thursday, January 10, from 12:30-2:00 pm eastern. We’ll explore what the deeper kind of trust looks like and why it matters. I’ll share 8 Cs key to developing trust. And we’ll work together on ways to apply those Cs in our one-on-one interactions, team work, and whole congregations. The cost for this workshop, which will take place via Zoom, is $15 per participant. All are welcome, and I especially encourage you to attend if you are an influencer (clergy or lay) in your setting. You will come away from this workshop with greater hope for creating community and some tangible ways to make it happen. 

Many search teams make the mistake of skipping the trust-building work. It seems too slow, too soft. The benefits aren’t immediately obvious. But when your process hits a bump - there’s a conflict, there’s uncertainty about next steps, there’s pressure from the congregation - your team will have the relational tools to address the challenge and see the opportunity within it. Let me help you prepare for this time well spent building trust on the front end of your search process.

Registration for the workshop is available here.

Building trust workshop.jpg